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This luxuriously soft, plush polyfleece Anti-Stress Sinus Pillow is designed to calm and comfort the body and the mind. Ergonomically designed with an adjustable head strap, it enfolds you in its embrace to relax and soothe, relieving daily tension and stress. Use it Warm over the forehead to soothe and relieve sinuses and headaches, or use it cool to soothe tired, strained, puffy eyes. One size fits most.


INSTRUCTIONS: When heating the Sinus Pillow in the microwave, take care to microwave in 30 second intervals-NOT TO EXCEED 1 (ONE) MINUTE TOTAL HEATING TIME LIMIT per use. Microwaved items may actually be MUCH HOTTER INSIDE than indicated by initial touch-so HANDLE WITH CARE.   To prevent burning, do not continue to microwave past the 1 minute total heating time limit per use.