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Stress Soother

Inhale. Exhale. Just like you can always come back to your breathing, Stress Soother can be used as a powerful wellspring of calm and courage in difficult moments. Rosemary clears your mind, tangerine cheers your spirit, cedarwood strengthens your resolve, and lavender and chamomile encourage peace and calm. Apply to pulse points and breathe deeply to ease tension and find a sense of relaxed, centered awareness. USDA Certified Organic, cruelty free, and soothing for the mind, body, and spirit.

  • SAFE + ORGANIC: 12 simple ingredients + 100% USDA Certified Organic + GMO-free
  • EFFECTIVE: Our special blend of essential oils provides a safe, natural, and effective stress relief aid + Uplifts and encourages to help alleviate worry and tension
  • MOISTURIZING: A nourishing base of organic oils and butters delivers nutrients and softens the skin while providing aromatherapeutic benefits
  • SUSTAINABLE: Cruelty free + Made with solar power