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10 mL

Country of Origin:Somalia

Cultivation Method:Harvested from Wild Growing Plants

Extraction Method:Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extracted

Extracted From:Gum/resin

Color:Dark amber/brown

Perfumery Note:Base

Consistency:Very thick, needs to be warmed to turn more liquid. For this reason we recommend our pre-blended version, Myrrh i/J.

Aromatherapy Properties:Purifying, restorative. Uplifting and revitalizing while soothing nervous tension. Great as a meditation aid and as a skin care component, and also known for its use in oral care.

The potency and incredible fragrancing power of this Essential Oil make it a great investment, even though it is one of the pricier oils. If you find it hard to dose the pure oil correctly (it is incredibly strong and intense!), or shy away from the cost, start with Essential Oils blended with Jojoba Oil, classified as"i/J"("in Jojoba").

Suggested Use:Add to a diffuser for a long-lasting, warm aroma climate. Add 12 drops of Aromaland's Sensitive Skin Blend (which contains Myrrh) to 1oz. of Carier Oil or unscented body care.

If you are purchasing this Essential Oil blended with Jojoba, increase the number of drops you add to your bodycare or bath according to your liking. You can use oils blended with Jojoba in a diffuser, but it is not recommended in diffusers that work with cotton pads - Car Diffuser, Scent Ball, Spa Scenter - or nebulizers. If using an aromalamp or Aromaland's Aromashell it will leave an oily residue that can be washed away; but do not overheat the lamp dish!

History:One of the oldest known perfumery materials, already in use as an incense and embalming ingredient in ancient Egypt

Used for centuries as a fixative and fragrance component, and as an astringent in oral care.

From the same botanical family as Frankincense and Elemi.

Specific Safety Information:Non-irritant, non-sensitizing, possibly toxic in high concentration. Not for use in pregnancy. GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) approved by the FDA as food flavor.