essential oil BENZOIN

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Aroma:  Made from fine Sumatra benzoin resin, this thick oil is strong scented, sweet, warm, and slightly resinous.  The scent is very similar to vanilla.

Latin Name:  Styrax benzoin

Country of Origin:  Thailand

Cultivation Method:  Harvested from wild growing plants

Extraction Method:  Solvent extracted

Extracted From:  Crude balsam

Color:  Pale amber / brown

Perfumery Note:  Base

Consistency:  Slightly viscous liquid

Aromatherapy Properties:  Benzoin resin is a warm and uplifting aphrodisiac. This oil is beneficial to use in essential oil blends for its fixative property.   

Suggested Use:  Create long-lasting perfumery blends with light citrus notes and florals. Just a tiny amount of benzoin resin goes a long way. Benzoin can be very thick and hard to remove from a small amber bottle.  To thin the oil, run the sealed bottle under warm water.

History:  In India, this aroma is sacred to the Brahma-Shiva-Vishnu triad, and is used to deter devils during rice-harvesting ceremonies in Malaysia. An ingredient of the traditional "Friar's Balsam," it was used historically to relieve a variety of health problems.

Specific Safety Information:  Not for internal use.  This oil can cause skin sensitization; avoid topical use with pregnant or nursing women, young children, and those with sensitive skin.  Ask your Doctor if you have any questions before use.