Gift Box | Candles | Large



Build your own gift box! Perfect gift for someone who wants to be pampered. Comes in a lovely kraft gift box with paper fill and tied with jute cord and botanicals. Includes a special gift note from you. 

Large Candle Gift Box includes the following in your scent choices:

  • 1x 26oz soy candles
  • 2x 18oz soy candles
  • 2x 6oz soy candles
  • 2x 8oz mason jar candles
  • decorative matchbox* 
  • tea light samples

* We will do our best to choose a nice matchbox design for you based on your receiver's name, location, and the gift note supplied. You're welcome to suggest an idea for the matches. We have LOTS in stock, so unfortunately we cannot list them all out. Some ideas of suggestions you can make: a certain color theme, flowers/plants, sports, cocktails, outdoorsy, etc. We will likely have something to fulfill most general requests.