When Coffee Won’t Cut It: 6 Fragrance Blends to Energize You

May 18th 2022

We've all been there... when an IV drip of caffeine wouldn't hold a candle (haha, candle puns...) to the level of exhaustion you feel. Oftentimes, we reach for another cup of coffee or we get some fresh air, but we tend to forget the power of fragrance and how different aromas can drastically impact our moods.

Eucalyptus Mint

Peppermint increases concentration and uplifts your mood while eucalyptus rejuvenates and increases blood flow to your brain. This energizing blend of herbal eucalyptus leaves paired with peppermint and spearmint will definitely get you up and keep you going!

(link to Eucalyptus Mint)

Peppermint, Cornmint & Vanilla

Simple and slightly sweet, the combination of peppermint, cornmint and vanilla is sure to brighten your outlook on, well, everything. This blend is so refreshing and energizing, it will have you whistling through your to-do list.

(Link to Awaken)


Boost your body and spirit with citrus fragrances that smell oh so good. Lemon is believed to energize and clear your mind, and the balancing qualities of grapefruit help reduce stress and level emotions so you can get stuff done. Why stop there? Sweet orange, tangerine and lime will leave you with a pep in your step, ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

(Link to Citrus Squeeze)

Lavender Lemon

When you’re stressed out but you need to power through and get ‘er done, combine the calming properties of lavender with the energizing notes of lemon. Lavender may help reduce anxiety and stress levels benefiting your daytime productivity. Refreshing lemon will help clarify your thoughts and energize your mind, and the combination of the two will make you want to spring-clean your entire life.

(Link to Lavender Lemon)

Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Rosemary & Blue Sage

A powerhouse blend if you’ve ever needed one, each fragrance plays an important role in making you a well-balanced machine. Purifying eucalyptus will cleanse your mind while rosemary reduces feelings of exhaustion and clears your sinuses. Top it off with memory-enhancing sage and soothing sandalwood and you’re a real life superhero.

(Link to Eucalyptus Sage)

Lemongrass Sage

One of our favorites and for good reason! The stimulating, tangy sweetness of lemongrass and sage gets your blood flowing, purifies your mind and wakes up those happy vibes! Long-lasting energy with a straight-outta-the-herb-garden fragrance that just can’t be beat.

(Link to Lemongrass Sage)

Did we miss a blend that works for you? Let us know in the comments below - maybe it will become our next best-selling fragrance!