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To some of our smallest local customers we are known as "the rubber duck store". We have a bathtub full of well over a thousand rubber ducks to keep the little ones entertained. We have lots to choose from - far too many to list separately. By popular demand, we have made our rubber ducks available online and offer you three options:

1) Seller's choice. We'll pick one at random for you.

2) Seasonal. We will pick out something related to the season - spring, summer, fall, winter, Valentine's Day, Easter, St Patrick's Day, Birthday, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

3) Use the suggestion box and tell us what you are hoping for. Unicorn, fairy, soldier, cowboy, butterfly, dog, surfer, nurse, musician, horse, bug, birthday, flower, cupcake, artist, tiger, pirate, ninja....... Throw an idea or two out there and we'll do our best to find something for you.