badger balm SLEEP BALM

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For the good night’s sleep of your dreams. Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed with this pure, natural sleep enhancer, one of our most well-loved products. Bulgarian lavender supports peace and calm, bergamot diffuses worries, and balsam fir clears mental clutter like a walk in the woods—instilling a sense of relaxation and well-being that helps active minds naturally drift off to sleep. Apply to lips, chest, temples, or hands, breathe deep, and let the enchanting fragrance lift you away to peaceful dreamscapes. USDA Certified Organic, cruelty free, and soothing for the mind, body, and spirit.

  • SAFE + ORGANIC: 9 simple ingredients + 100% USDA Certified Organic + GMO-free
  • EFFECTIVE: Our special essential oil profile provides a safe, natural, and effective aromatherapeutic sleep enhancer + Travel-friendly tin is ideal for restless flights or jet-lagged evenings
  • SKIN-NOURISHING: Moisturizing base softens skin while soothing the mind
  • SUSTAINABLE: Cruelty free + Infinitely recyclable tin + Made with solar power