drinkware brush NATURAL

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The perfect companion to your cleaning set! Our new drink ware brush is longer, giving you an easier clean for those really hard to reach places. The bamboo handle gives you a nice grip while the sisal bristles at the end allows you to scrub away nicely. ~~~ Whats included: one drink ware brush

Materials: bamboo, coconut
Care: boil the bristles in hot water for 1 minute
Dimensions: 12.5” long 2.4: wide Weight: 2.4oz

Environmental impact: thousands of plastic cleaning brushes are produced daily leaving behind tons and tons of waste that may never go away. This will end up in a landfill that will take hundreds of years to break down, eventually turning into micro plastics.

Brand tip: this brush is not only great for drink ware but pots and pans, bathroom cleaning and more!